We’re buying back STI tokens at 3x the IEO price exclusively on probit

3x STI tokens as promised and we’re buying back early next year exclusively on probit. Once we start the buyback we will make the announcement of the exact date so there won’t be any interference with your trading plan.

Now we have partnered with the best in the industry on ATMs to deploy globally as well as we continue to develop the most versatile crypto hardware wallet along with the integration of DeFi and banks on mobile apps.

And of course we are finishing the FREE book “The Blockchain dream…” that you can start to contribute with your valuable feedback as we’re writing it like proofreading, commenting and what you’d like to read with the most fundamental about the Blockchain and the secrets of cryptoS for the mainstream. We will make this book as simple and fun to read as possible so that you know all the secrets and you’re armed with the best knowledge to dream your own in this modern era.

Last but not least is our StiB app which is a P2P application that puts you in control of trading, shopping and investing while you own the private keys with your biometrics. You do not have to remember the keys as you can generate and recover without hassles. It’s true Peer to Peer since no one can take it down and everyone is contributing to make it even stronger.

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